The Ultimate Smokey Eye

Carine Roitfeld on Rue de Lappe, Paris, September 25, 2012.

Rag and Bone 2

Karlie, Calling

outsidel 2

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead

outsidel 1

Backstage at Norah Jones


Reggie Watts at Outside Lands

Mira Duma

Mira Duma


On Valencia Street

didnotmake (1)



After Marc

I posted a small series of images I took after the Marc Jacobs show on Monday. Here’s one that didn’t make that set.


Grand Slam

People in Madison Square Park sat in the fountain to watch the U.S. Open men’s final on Monday—the water replaced with artificial turf. I suppose the green indicated tennis. When Andy Murray won, this is how the crowd reacted.

Day 5 Round 1 Small 9

Fist Bump

This is one of my favorite gestures for greetings and goodbyes—there were a lot of both in New York this week.


Out of nowhere

I typically make a photo essay on 9/11—here’s last year’s—but this year I spent the day shooting outside shows. However, while walking back from dinner in SoHo, I saw this at Greene and Houston.


The light last night

The light in the Hamptons last night was glorious, and I wish I could take a photo that did in justice. Instead, we have this.


Exiting the bakery


Celebratory Cigars

One of my best friends from way back got married over Labor Day weekend. A couple of his relatives and a friend celebrated outside the venue.