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Biking by

I love this intersection at St. Germain and rue Bonaparte with the city’s best known cafes in the background. Late one night, this woman rode by. She was fast, but my shutter was slow, producing the motion blur.

Leica M7 with 50mm Summicron-M on Kodak Tri-X

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My year in photos: 2010

This was the first year of my life that I documented more with my photography than with my writing, especially if that whole picture = 1,000 words equation is true. Here are some of the things I saw in 2010, arranged, more or less, chronologically. For those of you who are curious about gear, I took most of the shots with a Leica M7, Leica M8, or Panasonic GF1. And I’m still waiting for my roll of Kodakchrome to be processed.